Wednesday, February 10, 2016

OH MAH GAWD FUNNY: Triumph the Insult Dog Goes to Politically Correct NH College

I was absolutely dying when I watched this last night, my eyes were tearing and I was pretty much whooping.

This is NOT SAFE FOR WORK, but it's hysterical. 

"Political correctness" is like the emperor's new clothes. Everyone with half a brain knows that it's total an utter BS, but have just been mentally castrated to the point of not even wanting to make a whimper of a protest, and just fall into the leftist line.

You want to know why Trump is soaring? Partly because of this-because of a general feeling of joy that finally, one is "entitled" to say that the emperor is naked.

This is so funny. It's so vulgar, and so non-PC, I love it soooooo much. See how many times you laugh out loud.

My only question is if all of those kids are actually paid actors, or if they are actual dumbass students. It's really hard to tell.