Monday, February 22, 2016

How the Feminist "War on Men and Boys" Paved the Way For Radical Islam

This is a very thoughtful essay from Fjordman, and I agree that feminism, and political leftism in general, is largely to blame for this mess.

It also explains why large numbers of formerly godless Western women gravitate toward Islam.

Read the whole thing.

"Several of my readers asked what Scandinavian men are doing about this. What happened to those Vikings, anyway? Did they drink too much mead in Valhalla? Despite the romantic mystique surrounding them today, the Vikings were for the most part savage barbarians. However, I doubt they would have looked the other way while their daughters were harassed by Muslims. In some ways, this makes present-day Scandinavians worse barbarians than the Vikings ever were."

"One of the reasons for this lack of response is a deliberate and pervasive censorship in the mainstream media, to conceal the full scale of the problem from the general public. However, I suspect that the most important reason has to do with the extreme anti-masculine strand of feminism that has permeated Scandinavia for decades. The male protective instinct doesn’t take action because Scandinavian women have worked tirelessly to eradicate it, together with everything else that smacks of traditional masculinity. Because of this, feminism has greatly weakened Scandinavia, and perhaps Western civilization as whole."

Human beings need to believe. They need to believe in something. When Western humans stop believing in the G-d of Israel and turn to the cult of mother earth, they oftentimes will still feel unsatisfied. Islam fills the vacuum. The left and Islam get along because they are both totalitarian and nihilistic, but Islam has all the patience in the world for leftists to grow tired of the spiritual emptiness of leftism and then gravitate toward Islam or at least, submit to it in dhimmi deference. 

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