Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday Link Dump

Here's a few links I have been hoarding in my inbox.

Still really busy and yesterday was just a clusterf&ck of a day.


And when I say "enjoy" I mean: READ 'EM AND WEEP.

Ivy League crybabies think they have a harder life than Natan Sharansky, Gulag survivor. 

Scummy, lefty BBC chock full of lying liars, covering up for communist murder Stalin. 

The great (depressing) Victor Davis Hanson on "Weimar America". 

Disgusting dhimmi media purposely downplaying Muslim women visiting Florida synagogue in what looks like dry runs. 

From Jihad Watch: What the HELL is wrong with Angela Merkel: 

"Why should Merkel be so insistent on allowing in so many of these Muslims (whether called migrants, or refugees, the distinction being that migrants move in search of a better life, while refugees are fleeing persecution and death) into Germany, far beyond the numbers taken by other European countries? She hasn’t deigned to give any justification for this policy, one that is so unpopular with the German people, and that has also antagonized and worried other European leaders such as Valls. If these Muslim migrants and refugees need to move somewhere – and it is not clear that all of them do – everyone knows that there are many fabulously rich Arab states, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, that have plenty of money, have always needed vast numbers of foreign workers, and could much more easily integrate migrants (or “refugees”) who are both fellow Arabs and fellow Muslims, than could Germany or any other European state."

"The obvious explanation for Merkel’s madness is that she subliminally sees her policy — the expression of a diseased sympathy — as a way of “making amends” (as if amends could ever be made) for the Hitlerian horror of seventy years ago, one still hauntingly present in some, though not all, German psyches

"But to make amends to the dead Jews of Europe by admitting live Muslims into Germany, when it is Muslims who today are the chief carriers of antisemitism all over Europe, from Malmo to Madrid, is madness. Has anything happened since 2010, when Merkel first admitted that Germany’s attempts to build a multicultural society had “utterly failed,” to make her rethink that original assessment? And how should we describe her permitting massive numbers of Muslims into Germany when the results of Muslim immigration so far in that country, and in Europe, are already there for all to see (e.g., in postings at Jihad Watch), if not as madness? There is no antidote, it seems, to this particular furor islamicus."

I actually don't think it's "madness", I think it's calculated leftist arrogance coupled with lefty/multiculti submission to Islam and part of the left's torrid romance with it's mirror image nihilism ideology, Islam.