Monday, February 22, 2016

Make Every Day "Never Wear A Hijab Day" - UPDATED

Blue Con picked up the story of the dhimmi, idiot mayor of Ottawa promoting Wear a Hijab Day.

More about it here. 

The torrid love affair between the political left and Islam makes brains turn into mush. It makes for vast mental pretzels for the left. How can one possibly, as a liberal, justify the covering up of women and shoving them into body bags?

And by the way, why is the only brown woman in a wheelchair? Isn't that racist? Or disablist?

And what is her sexual orientation?

Because if she's not a brown, disabled lesbian WITH A PEANUT ALLERGY AND GLUTEN-FREE then I am gonna feel totally triggered. 

And do any of these women have a clitoris? Are any named Delores?

And are any of the women pictured actual "cutters"? Enquiring vaginas in the Ottawa area want to know!


This is so shameful and so disgusting, but alas, you can't shame the shameless.



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