Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The UK Is Screwed and Britain Deserves to Die: FGM Culturally Important Edition

Hey Britain, fuck you. 

Seriously, from me and my intact clitoris. 

"Milder forms of female genital mutilation should be tolerated to stop “demonisation” of important cultural practices, a group of doctors has argued in an intervention that has ignited controversy."

"Small “nicks” to female genitals are no worse than cosmetic procedures that western women pay for or even male circumcision, according to gynaecologists writing in the Journal of Medical Ethics, a BMJ publication."

Yeah, let's just stop that Islamophobic habit of demonizing people who slice off their womenfolk's and little tiny girls' genitals. That is just so mean of us. Let's just more mildly mutilate them, that is much more tolerant of us.

Let's celebrate female genital mutilation in fact! Let's have a Take Your Daughter to the Local Clitorectomy Clinic day all over the Western world, what could possibly be wrong with that?

Let's just "nick" their vaginas, no big deal. Let's compare it to Jewish circumcision as well-that's really a great idea or compare it to getting a nose job. Nose job, labia job, clit job-what's the big difference you hatey-hatey Islamophobic Nazi?!??!

When I read these type of stories, I cannot help but ruminate on the possibility that Britain may actually well deserve to die.