Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Pentagon's Vile 'Divided Loyalty' Rules for Jews

What do people expect from the most antisemitic administration in American history?

"Ever since Pollard pleaded guilty 30 years ago to spying on behalf of Israel, the military has been skeptical of American Jews with any connection to Israel. What disqualifies them is not anything they have done, but the ghost of Pollard."

"The Pollard effect also explains the silence of our elected officials. Politicians were quick to criticize a candidate’s suggestion that Muslims be profiled, but not one has said a word about actual Pentagon policy that profiles and penalizes American Jews."

"We challenged the denial of Pincus’ security clearance and won. The facts didn’t change, nor did Pentagon policy. But the military didn’t want to have to publicly defend the indefensible, and hoped to quiet the controversy by allowing a dentist to fix service members’ teeth."

"But what about others?"