Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"Canada's Braveheart" Gives Australia the Ultimate Free Speech Pep Talk

"I am a free speech absolutist."

Music to my ears, natch.

Can you imagine how many times Mark Steyn, "Canada's Braveheart", has said this during his Australian tour?

FOR SERIOUS AND NOT FOR JOKING, if I had a dollar for every time Steyn has articulated the only acceptable position on free speech in a democracy to his Australian peeps, I'd be a very rich, Zionist hatey-hatey, Jewish mother indeed.

There's nothing more necessary after "I am a free speech absolutist" except as Steyn says, because all alternatives are worse than the troubles they purport to solve. It's like Churchill on democracy-the worst form of government ever, except for anything else.

I watched the cheesy morning talk show and practically slapped my computer upside its head while listening to the pixie-haircut blonde try to convince Steyn about TEH FEEEEEELINGZZZZZZ and how government is the solution to TEH FEEELZZZZ.

You can watch the show here, and also listen to the much better radio interview as well. 

Good gaaaaawd that was awful, so earnest! BLECH!

I never cease to be amazed at how much trust individuals put in "government". Don't people understand that "government" is a bunch of individuals just like themselves, with no particular expertise on anything except living off taxpayer dollars and butting into/"managing" other people's lives?

The great Instapundit once said that every law, every regulation needs to be debated with the understanding that it may cost you your life. Because if a government passes a law, and and then the full, armed force of the state gets behind enforcing the law, you could end up dead quite easily.

So I agree-every "government" regulation ought to be discussed with the gravitas of "is it worth your life", or the life of your child or loved one. If not, it should not be a law.

Thanks also to Mark Steyn for bringing attention to the case of the 25 year old basketball player whose life is now going to be ruined by government and the Australian Federal Costume Regulator.

Seriously-fuck that noise.

If those Australian students had any guts, they would have another party, and every single one of them would dress up like Kanye. Every. Single. One.

The only response to these disgusting totalitarian bullies is to PUMMEL them into retreat.

If more people shared the risk (another Canadian Braveheart phrase, see what I did there???) then fewer individual lives would get destroyed. By NOT fighting back, we give the bullies permission to victimize us! They smell blood and go for the kill.

*waves to Braveheart*

More people ought to fight back, and make their jokes and wear their Kanye costumes, but nooooooo-everyone just puts their head down, and glugs down their supersized version of Machiatto Frappucino Grandeyyy Shut Uppaccino washed down with sugar or whiskey and prays that they are not the next victim of the Thought Crime mob.

We need to all be more honest about what we hate and who we hate and why. All efforts to "fight hatred" are useless, preening, social justice virtue signalling.

"Fighting hate" means nothing.

Fighting your enemies is what matters.

We needn't apologize to anyone about hate or hating because hating is a perfectly normal, perfectly healthy function of being human, and nobody in their right mind ought ever to apologize for being human.

Anyone who surrenders the regulation of their feelings and thoughts to their betters in "government" is part of the problem and I vomit in their general, pathetic, cowardly direction.