Monday, February 8, 2016

British Cracking Down on Immigration!

Ethnic food loving liberals hardest hit!

Seriously, if you ask most liberals what they love most about multiculturalism, it usually does not go beyond 'amazing ethnic restaurants'.



You know, with some curry powder, coriander and coconut milk you, too can make your very own curry. 

Even I make curry. Jewy, yummy, spicy curry!

And how pathetic is this "Conservative" MP:

"Tory MP Paul Scully, will be attending this week’s talks is undertaking a comprehensive state-of-the-industry survey."

"He said “It’s a big exercise but it is worth doing. It is unimaginable to think of Britain without a curry house on every high street.”

Hey, you know what Mr. Hot Shot MP?

Maybe you should imagine what it was like before Great Britain had a curry house on every high street. Think back to a Britain before FGM, before Islamic terrorism,  before jihadist mosques, before consanguineal Pakistani "culture", before honour murders and before sharia courts in Britain, before jihadi welfare bums, the rapes and abuse of troubled white girls and the subsequent dhimmi cover-ups, and before the self-loathing of the British elites who have turned the UK into a primitive third world hellhole.

The price of WONDERFUL ETHNIC FOOD seems cheap and wonderful at first.

But the actual cost of curry houses on every high street is really rather high, isn't it?

How much of your culture's soul, of your birthright, are you willing to sell for a bowl of lentil soup curry?