Tuesday, February 2, 2016

John Cleese on Political Correctness

"When people can't control their own emotions, they have to control someone else's behavior".

Quite an excellent observation, applicable to both the Muslim world and to political leftism. 

But political correctness was never a good idea. 

Behaving badly or abusive to people who can't take care of themselves is wrong. 

Joking about it is not evil, it's human. 

It's behaviour that matters, not words. 

The other gazonga massive elephant in the room is the word Islam. Cleese mentions university campuses as No Go Zones for modern comedians, but how about dealing with the real, actual sharia blasphemy codes that are being voluntarily imposed within supposedly Western nations? 

Cleese is right that things are rather Orwellian nowadays. 

"For today’s lefties, 1984 wasn’t so much a cautionary tale, as a how-to manual."

And as Daniel Greenfield adds: "the first thing totalitarian states do is outlaw mockery of their own system".

Mark Steyn always says to pay very close attention to the people who are telling you to shut up. 

It is equally incumbent on free persons to pay very close attention to what one is "not allowed" to joke about. 

The "Shut Ups" and the No Joke Zone Coordinators are your overlords. 

Leftist "safe spaces" are the most dangerous spaces in the free world for personal liberty. 

We need much less exquisite deference to the Shut Ups, more jokes and to obliterate "safe spaces" from our midsts.