Thursday, February 4, 2016

"Please Clap"

Remember when I told you that this was Jeb!'s EBMF (Kathy Shaidle's 'epic beta male faggot') moment. 

Well, apparently, that was not the most eunuchish and loooooserish moment of the campaign.

It officially got worse. 

Therefore, I've gotta ask: 

Do Jeb!'s immediate family members hate his guts or something? Because only a family that hates a member would have him continue on this pathetic, cringe-worthy, loserville campaign instead of putting it out of its misery. 

It's hard to imagine it getting any worse, any more effete and EBMF than "please clap", but who the hell knows? I mean talking about how butch you are and then begging for applause?

Good gravy this is just awful, awful, awful stuff.