Wednesday, February 3, 2016

President Lecture The World, President Not A Muslim, President Tut Tut Scolds Hatey Hatey Americans From Extremist Mosque

Mark Steyn often asks, if President Obama were on the side of the enemies of the West, what exactly would he be doing differently?

Kate has an entire "Not A Muslim, Noooooooo" category.

I think this story fits both characterizations quite nicely.

"President Obama on Wednesday made his first presidential visit to a U.S. mosque, using it to condemn bias toward Muslim-Americans that he argued is fueled by the media and “inexcusable political rhetoric.”

(NUTS. TO. THAT.  I'll say whatever I want. And when he says "inexcusable" he means blasphemous, and we all know that the left would like to outlaw speech it doesn't agree with. You are only entitled to THEIR opinion.)

"In Obama’s roughly 40-minute speech, he quoted from the Koran, the Islamic religious text, which he said was on President Thomas Jefferson’s bookshelf."

(This is a massive crock of taqiyah, by the way.) 

"And he used the Muslim greeting, “As-salamu alaykum,” which translates from Arabic to “Peace be upon you.”

Yeah, what could possibly be wrong with that? 

Not peace. 

Even the New York Times is not thrilled-it's a tacit acceptance of gender apartheid. 

He makes me sick. Physically sick.