Thursday, February 4, 2016

Steyn: The Peace of Submission

Mark Steyn puts the current, polite, deferent Islamic invasion into it's proper historical context. 

There are a great many similarities between Soviet totalitarianism and Islamic totalitarianism: the devotion, the nihilism, the negation of Judeo-Christian (i.e civilized) values, the amount of money and energy and treasure spent, the deaths, the propaganda bureaus, the corrupt leadership. There are too many commonalities to list.

Here's an excellent little interview with Mark Steyn (in Eurobia!!) talking about why Angela Merkel has put Germany on a course of suicide by immigration. He mentions her childlessness, and the arrogance of the elite swatches of European leadership. Others have looked at it from the point of view of Germany trying to redeem itself from the Holocaust, but Hitler must be having a very good chuckle at German logic-'redeeming' Germany from the Holocaust by inviting hundreds of thousands of Jew-hating Muslims onto European soil.

I found it very interesting to hear Steyn talk about how Merkel can conceded in fiscal negotiations with the Greeks that Greeks are not German. But in her arrogance, she cannot or will not concede that  the hordes of primitive, mostly illiterate, sharia-based young men are not, and indeed cannot be German.

But perhaps most importantly, I found Steyn's tie really lovely, very nice shirt and tie ensemble, and that's the main thing, right? Nice blues!


If Merkel admits the truth about the invasion, as Steyn points out, there is no ideological leg left to stand on. The whole arrogant, preening, virtue signalling house of cards comes falling down.

Nothing to see here, they say. 

Don't believe your lying eyes. 

Therefore we see her doubling down, and that's why it's going to get worse before it ever gets better-if that's even possible at this point.

What will a Germany without Germans look like?

What will it sound like? 

Probably like the most beautiful sound in the world.