Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Torrid Love Affair Between the Political Left and Islam

I'm shocked!

Shocked I tell you!

The British Labour party is being accused of colluding with radical Muslims to harass and block Muslim women from entering politics. 

This is the ultimate nihilistic end of the affair.

Leftism and Islam are both nihilistic religions.


Therefore, a smattering of related Eurabia updates:

British ISIS executioner traveled in George Galloway's convoy. 

French Foreign Legion leader arrested for not having an Islam fetish. 

Poland-Islam? Thanks, but no thanks. 

Iraqi migrant rapes 10 year old child. 

Belgium: Muslim migrants gang rape unconscious teenage girl ("She can't complain. Women must obey men.").

German government in death spiral. 

Cost-chump change. 

German Church begs for slowdown. 

Widows and orphans if you please. 

Celebrate sexual diversity assault in Sweden.  

General European of quality of life plummeting. 

Eurabia is doomed.