Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Absolutely Fantastic Stuff: Meet Israel's Arab Soldiers

Good stuff. 

This is a very interesting piece and there is a documentary that goes along with it.

These are very brave young people, and they are the real key and the real link for coexistence in Israel.

I actually think it's very moving and totally remarkable to see an image of a Muslim Israeli being sworn into the IDF with a Koran. Serving in the army means upward social mobility for minority men. Serving in the army would also be a tremendously liberating force particularly for Muslim and Christian young women from various Arab towns and villages.

Watch the whole thing. It's really quite inspirational to hear Muslims and Christians talk so freely and honestly about their desire to give back something to the state, and to hear how much a part of the state of Israel they feel. This kind of thing gives me a lot of hope.