Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Another Brutal Editorial on the Trudeau Eulogy

"Get us re-write, pronto."

"The PM’s words were false on several counts. Did the Cuban people have a deep love for “el Comandante”? In Cuba, answering anything other than in the affirmative was illegal. Mr. Castro did not hold elections, nor did he tolerate free speech, opposition parties, or human rights groups."

"His oratory was “legendary” because, in a country where other voices were silenced, he was free to enjoy the pleasure of delivering speeches that went on for hours. Did he show a “tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people”? He certainly demonstrated a consistent dedication to maintaining power."

"Had Mr. Trudeau issued such a praise-filled statement on the death of, say, a Chinese leader, it would at least have been understandable. China is the world’s second superpower, and Ottawa must walk a fine line in dealing with Beijing. A certain amount of diplomatic hypocrisy is sometimes required."

"But Cuba? In dealing with broke and broken Havana, Canada’s diplomats and leaders have the freedom to speak the truth. On Cuba and Castro, Canada can say what it really believes."

"Which leaves the disturbing impression that Mr. Trudeau said what he said because it’s what he really believes."