Sunday, November 27, 2016

"First, Fire the Speechwriter"

Sage advice from Prof. Clifford Orwin.

"After Mr. Trudeau fires his speechwriter, he should take a long look at himself. Yes, he is a Trudeau, whose father consistently whitewashed not only Fidel Castro but (much worse) Mao. Justin Trudeau just missed his chance to jump this particular family ship. Allegiance to the best in one’s heritage is admirable; remaining mired in the worst is not."

Who on earth would take Canada seriously at this point?

See the dictator-lover get utterly savaged here. It's so good.

"This kind of Disco Generation stupidity about Castro has been commonplace in establishment circles in Canada since Pierre’s time, and neither Alexandre’s gringo-splaining nor Justin’s aptitude for eulogy are sufficient to gloss over the many things Cubans have every right to complain about."

The hashtag #TrudeauEulogies is hysterical if you feel like taking a peek. 

And by hysterical, I of course mean I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IDIOT IS OUR LEADER.