Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Great News: Tim Blair "Officially" Not Racist or Misogynist

The Official Kangaroo Court of Australia makes its "ruling". 

Well, isn't that special?!??!?!

*eye roll*


These disgusting organizations, whether government, arms-length or voluntary, need to be marginalized out of existence. 

Australians need to take a page out of the Steyn and Levant playbook.

And, you know, Mr. Steyn has actually graciously offered up his very own self (! ! ! ! ! ! ) for the fight Down Under.

These monstrous, virtue signalling, anti-democratic, evil and totalitarian enterprises need to be put out of business all over the Western world.

Tim Blair clearly has the stones for this fight, and Mark Steyn will be a formidable ally when Australians actually do officially declare war on this nonsense.  Maybe Andrew Bolt will join in?

Hate speech laws do not need to be "examined" anywhere in a democracy. They need to be obliterated from the books, and lawmakers need to be shamed into doing so.

As the great Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, has said on many occasions, you cannot put your faith in politicians to do the right thing. 

You have to make it impossible for them to continue to do the wrong thing.