Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Steyn: All Berned Out and Doubling Down

So, I actually snorted out loud at this video, and yes, I know that is NOT VERY LADYLIKE OF ME.

But it was so worth it.


"Bernie Sanders happens to be a New York Jew in rural Vermont which is, in terms of being a minority is a bit like being, you know a gay nightclub owner in Riyadh. It's about as small a minority as you can get."

You know, I resemble that remark! 

I had occasion recently to be in a similar area demographically, topographically and whatnot, and felt like a real Uber Jewy city slicker from the East Coast. Mark Steyn is right! Rural Vermont is lovely, but Jewish it ain't. In fact, I'd say the only time I felt more Jewish was when I had to play OMG what's that "sport" called, with the brooms, on the ice, OH YES IT'S ALL COMING BACK TO ME NOW...CURLING!

Right, playing curling, or I guess as the hip folk say "when I curled" (is there a capital letter on that thing??!?!), that was the most goyische thing I have pretty much ever done in my Jew life, but I must say, being in certain parts of aforementioned rural America certainly made me feel as though I single handedly increased the Jewish population in significant, immeasurable ways!

On my next travels to said region(s), I have threatened offered to make LATKES just to Jew it up a little. OY TO THE VEY!

So, in that spirit, here's the most goyische latke video I could find...you know, all in the name of honouring the Judeo-Christian culture and mixing things up a little.


Just FYI, I also laughed out loud at this essay, because I think Mr. Steyn kind of, sort of, like, maybe called Justin Trudeau a little, but not fully [NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT] gay. You know, it was like a sinister Steynian mind trick, putting in the Maybe Gaybe suggestion in there??!?!?  To wit:

"Justin Trudeau enjoys "publicly manifested homosexuality" so much he's the first Prime Minister of Canada to march in the annual LGBTQWERTY parade. If he were minded to "publicly manifest" his enthusiasm in Cuba, he'd be arrested: "Social justice" isn't quite as sociable there as it is in Toronto. But don't let a little thing like that get in the way of some A-grade dictatorial crawling..."

PS: Nice suit, Mr. Steyn.