Thursday, November 10, 2016

Well, Well, Well What a Week!

To quote the legendary Jewish comic, the late, so so so great Joan Rivers of blessed memory:

CAN WE TALK?!?!?!??!?!?!??!

I mean for real and not for joking: CAN WE TALK?!?!??!

So I have been saying for many, many months that President Elect Donald Trump would be 1) better than Obama, and not possibly worse 2) better than Hillary Clinton and not possibly worse and 3) better for America, Israel, the Western world and thus, civilization.

I was very worried, nauseous, etc...throughout the campaign but people who know me also know that I repeatedly said that I would not be surprised if there was a repeat of what happened in Israel and then with Brexit. The media and political, and artistic elites projected their hopes and dreams but facts are stubborn creatures.

Anyway, Mark Steyn has been on fire lately, and there's lots of most excellent stuff to read on his site. 

As he put it in this very nice interview with Evan Solomon "the base said nuts to you". And actually, kudos to Solomon because he is asking very good questions and actually letting Steyn answer (not everyone does).

My amazing friend Kathy Shaidle always advises people that the real story is always in the comment section of on-line news items. She is correct. That's where the real people live (until they are censored, or banned by moderators, or until comments are shut down).

Put another way: The comment section won this election, baby. 

Or perhaps this way: “The trolls won,” he said, calling this election, “the comment section against the article.”

This result, of course, was the result of the constant sneering at regular people, who want their regular, Western way of life and do not wish to apologize any more for that. 

As Steyn says:"You push the people too far, and the people push back the elite."

He mentions Brexit of course as an example. But this exact thing happened in Israel as well, before PM Netanyahu was elected with a majority government. Exactly the same media sneering and huffing and puffing.

(Read all of Steyn's latest stuff here at Steyn on Line.)

The Steynian discussion about the left's Reducto Ad Hitlerium is exactly as Mark...(AHEM, CAN I CALL YOU MARK, SHE WONDERS??? OH FABULOUS AND GREAT THANKYOUVERYMUCH!!!)...


...says: "when everybody's Hitler, nobody's Hitler".

Steyn's debate loser colleague Simon Schmattah Brain, is all about The Hitler.


Apparently, the sky was going to fall, and economies were gonna explode if Trump won. 

The markets might never, ever recover! 

Sigh. Lefties. Frequently wrong, never in doubt.

The lefty world is crumbling, and I can't say I'm very sad about it.

In fact, I find it rather glorious. 

Or put another way "hey-how do you like us now"?

Hey elites: "You built this. Now suck on it."

"You jerks thought we normals were terrible and stupid when you thought of us at all. How do you like us now? Are you worried that an unfriendly executive branch might unleash its dogs at the, say, IRS upon you? That bureaucrats might destroy the entire industry that you work in, that supports your family, to satisfy the whims of the regime’s ideology? That the government is heading toward the time when it might send armed federal agents to your house to arrest you for exercising your constitutional rights?"

"Welcome to the last eight years as a normal."

"We rejected corruption. We rejected the elites who hold us in contempt. We rejected the political correctness and its posse of lies that was designed to silence us, to make us kneel, bow and obey. We stopped politely asking for respect – we took it. And there’s nothing you can do about it."

"We are the majority – at least of electoral votes, suckers – and we are awake. This election shows that we are no longer going to be silent."

Yes, Obama West wing staffers: everything "everything he and they worked for seems set to be ripped out by the roots". 

Please G-d make it so. 

Maybe Mamma Merkel will be next (although I think Europe is finished and probably irreversibly screwed). 

Like I said, better for the Jews, better for the West, better for America.  

On another note, I really really pray that this despicable, simpleton socialist Pope will butt out. 

You know, one political truth as the Great Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH always says, is that lefties are serious (deadly serious) about power, but there's another thing one can say about them with great confidence and certainty:

They are sore losers. 

So, yes, thank you for asking. Yes, I'm pretty happy. And no, they would not treat you with any modicum of reciprocal civility, so don't expect it and don't play by their rules.

And also I can't stop looking at these!!!!!

Out, out damn Trump, they shriek! Get thee to therapy, and quickly too! 

I am in the wrong line of work. I need to be a therapist, and take $300 an hour from sobbing leftists with money to burn. 

Repeat after me: There was no shvesterhood. Get over it. 

Even worse! Get thee to SIT SHIVA (mental cases). 

Interesting times and anniversaries. 

Remembrance Day tomorrow, Kristallnacht commemorations. Very interesting times and clusters of events.

On another side note,  I think Melania Trump will be a lovely First Lady (and I think it's fabulous that this POTUS has Jewish grandchildren-how great is that).

But for real and not for joking, and y'all know I am a fully red-blooded heterosexual, if this is true, if this was intentional trolling, well I could be converted to lesbianism. This would be Troll Level Master Ninja if it were true.

Obviously, there is still much to talk about, and we will surely do so in the coming days and weeks and months.