Friday, November 18, 2016

Puh Lease Spare Me the Hysteria

So, my idiot people are suddenly getting the vapours about antisemitism.

And they are once again using what Kathy Shaidle has frequently called 'a crappy poem that should not inform immigration policy'.

This is shameful and dangerous. Antisemitism has never gone away in Europe. It's not making a resurgence because it never went away. It just became impolite to talk about it, and in many countries "hate speech" laws were passed to make it impossible to be a public antisemite. But it never went away. And it's not a "right-wing", "national" problem in Europe. Antisemitism is currently the intellectual property of the political left and radical Islam.

The picture in this article further illustrates the denial and the head-in-sand mentality of European Jewry and Leftist Jewry as well. Those soldiers are not guarding Jews in synagogues, at Jewish day schools and Jewish community organizations because of Donald Trump and no amount of pearl-clutching about Trump or Steve Bannon will make it so. Those who will not identify why they are standing guard, because of Islamic jihad against the Jews, are in terribly dangerous denial.

Now, thanks to the elites of Europe, with a very special shout out to Angela Merkel, antisemitism has made a very vibrant, public comeback. And this "neo-Nazi" Jew-hatred pre-dates the American elections by quite a number of years. Europe will not be able to recover. America may.