Thursday, November 24, 2016

Daniel Greenfield: The New War on Conservative Speech

This is a really good essay. 

The new war on conservative speech is the same old war on conservative speech.

It's all about The Shut Up. And The Shut Up only goes from left to right. 

You know, when the crybullies of the cast of Hamilton started their stupid hector-lecture of Mike Pence, he had really the best response "no biggie, that's what freedom sounds like". Damn, that was a good line.


"The war on fake news is a smoke screen for a campaign against conservative media. And it’s easy to see that it’s conservative sites that are the real target of the Facebook book burners."

"Social media allows people to form their own communities and become their own gatekeepers. That’s a potent power. The crusade against fake news is about putting the media gatekeepers back in charge."

Speaking of The Shut Up, here's the "Final" Statement from Geert Wilders. You know, that's a pretty creepy statement. Every moment he walks about Europe, he could be making his "final" statement and taking his final breath in life. 

That's the Shut Up Junction of our times, the point at which the radical political left is having its torrid, nihilistic love affair with radical Islam. These are dangerous times indeed.

Transcript here via Gatestone.