Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Ugly Reality of Jew-Hatred in the UK

A very horrifying, reality-based assessment of the current status of Jew-hatred in the United Kingdom from Melanie Phillips.

It's absolutely terrible and tragic. 

"Jew-hatred is not a prejudice like any other. No other people or group is singled out as a demonic conspiracy, a malevolent force of quasi-supernatural powers. And this same derangement is directed against Israel."

"This cannot be admitted because of the deep antipathy against treating the Jewish people as special. Resentment over the idea that the Jews were "chosen" for supposedly preferential treatment is matched by resentment that they appear to be "chosen" for a special kind of hatred."

"Modern society is, after all, an equal opportunity hater; the mantra of equality demands nothing else. Jews just aren't allowed to be different. Yet that's the essence of the hatred against us; and it's the reason why that hatred is denied, too."