Friday, May 4, 2012

Jon Will, Living Well With Down Syndrome

This is a really nice piece by George Will about his son Jon.

"The day after Jon was born, a doctor told Jon’s parents that the first question for them was whether they intended to take Jon home from the hospital. Nonplussed, they said they thought that is what parents do with newborns."

This part almost made me cry:

"The eldest of four siblings, he has seen two brothers and a sister surpass him in size, and acquire cars and college educations. He, however, with an underdeveloped entitlement mentality, has been equable about life’s sometimes careless allocation of equity. Perhaps this is partly because, given the nature of Down syndrome, neither he nor his parents have any tormenting sense of what might have been. Down syndrome did not alter the trajectory of his life; Jon was Jon from conception on." 

So wise, so profound. There are lessons in this piece for every parent, and every child.

The whole piece is inspirational and full of pride and joy. A great read.