Monday, May 7, 2012

The UK is Screwed

"Obsessed with the rights of the dysfunctional."

Britain in a nutshell!

Read the "shocking" (I'm not so shocked) expose of children who are languishing in state care because social workers are militantly against their names being changed from misspelled jewels or hard liquor to more socially conservative names.

The children's names, says an adoption worker, simply do not fit the social norms of the families willing to adopt them. That's it-just the names-not their colour or background or health or social history. The social workers defer to the child's "roots"-even if that means deferring to career criminals and pedophiles! They wish to facilitate continuing links to the birth family, even when they are crack cocaine dealers and addicts!

This is crazy, horrible stuff.

These are your bureaucratic betters, the social workers who choose to have children remain in state care, unloved rather than facilitate a name change that harms nobody.


British Institutes of Higher Education-Chock Full of Your Moral and Intellectual Superiors .

Students "meant to be the cream of the crop".

Party on, dudes and dudettes!


"Girls were seen drinking port through condoms, while others were held upside down as alcohol was poured in their mouths. Some were seen acting out sexual positions, while male students chanted and ran around with their trousers round their ankles. Shocked onlookers later witnessed an organised fight between the Caesarians, Jesus' inter-year drinking society and the Girton Green Giants, in which blood was shed as students chanted and cheered".

The hyphenated upper class Mums and Dads must be ever so proud!