Monday, December 17, 2012

Bottom Story of the Day

See what I did there? 


So, how much of a total idiot does someone have to be not to think that the advertisement alone "Discount Buttocks Implants" should perhaps, just perhaps think twice about purchasing said product/service?

I mean COME ON.

Do people seriously not know about Caveat Emptor?!?!?!

I'm just not particularly sympathetic to women who fill themselves with plastic.

I recently read a woman who said that women used to have time to adjust to their older selves, and their older face during a time called "middle age"-it was a normal, transition.

Now, they are encouraged to go from their twenties straight to the embalming experts. 

Do men actually like all the fake stuff?

I'm wondering because I see a lot of women with extremely fake boobs and nails and lip fillers, and all with the same noses, and cat eyes and wind-blown faces, and you know what that indicates to me?

That they are the kind of silly women who think that boob jobs and fake nails and lip implants are the most important things to men-and I'm just not convinced that they are. It means that they are spending money on those things-whose money?

Growing older is harder on women than men, but my opinion is that the money is better invested in fitness, good clothes, hair and make up that is age-appropriate and not dated.

Plus, fake nails with sparkly things, big hair, expensive bags and/or slut shoes or boots do not cancel out obesity.They just don't. Sorry.