Monday, December 17, 2012

So, An African Albino Walks Into A Bar in Canada And Gets Offended

This is the farce of "human rights" in Canada.

An African Albino immigrant to Canada is offended by the name of Albino Rhino Beer.


Ikponwosa Ero thinks that it is offensive, and is hauling Earl's restaurant in B.C to the B.C Human Rights Tribunal-the same kangaroo court that recently "tried" noted human rights activist and Nobel Prize winning Canadian author and lounge lizard/Christmas crooner Mark Steyn.

Ironically, Ms. Ero came to Canada so that she presumably would not have been "persecuted" in Africa for being an Albino.

And when I say "persecuted", I mean butchered, eaten, made into powder for spells, etc...

Does Earl's restaurant sell their beer outside of B.C?

Because I would order a crate of Albino Rhino in support/solidarity.

Earls restaurants

Markets, and not "human rights" industries should be determining what stays on the market.

I would say "this is a joke" if it wasn't so damned serious and such a threat to our personal liberty and drain on the taxpayer's purse.