Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Real War Against Women

Here are two thoughtful pieces for your consideration, both poignant and touching for different reasons.

As is usually the case, the allegedly meanest "conservatives" always seem to care more about the rights of women-to live and to be free.

It is conservatives, not women on the left, who stand for women's right to be born, and their right to be free.

Consider Dalrymple on The Silence of the Feminists: 

"She begged to be allowed to go to work, but at first her family said that this would heighten the shame she had brought on them by running away and refusing to marry her cousin....Eventually, however, they gave way; the money might be useful. She had been working ever since, for about ten years."

"When she described her work, her manner changed. She became animated, almost passionate, having been subdued before. Though her work was only in a clerical capacity (she had been promoted once or twice), she spoke of it with love. It was her daily release from prison, the only time she was allowed out; it was her window on the world; it was the entirety of her social life; it was air after suffocation."

And Barbara Kay on the gendercide disguised as "choice": 

"Sex-selective abortion is feminist pro-choicers’ Achilles heel. For it is clearly an aberration of abortion’s original purpose — just as it would be an aberration if technology could identify sexuality in the womb, and homophobic parents were choosing to abort gay and lesbian babies."

"Yet feminists decades ago made absolute freedom of choice the litmus test for support of women’s rights. Thus, regulation for any reason whatsoever is seen as anathema to the movement."

"Silence is indifference. Gendercide is a hateful practice. Let that much at least be said."