Friday, December 7, 2012

Welcome to After America

Good grief!

Have you seen this on Drudge?

The After-Americanization of America is really happening in front of our eyes.

I was in Detroit a couple of times recently, and there were so many depressing things about it that it's hard to mention them all.

There was the total absence of a busy downtown. The shops were boarded up, no hustle and bustle in the downtown area. There was the crumbling infrastructure. Highways falling apart, unmarked exits, and dozens of boarded up buildings and industrial complexes all over the downtown area.

Then I had a first-hand encounter with the disgusting unions who hijack the city. I got a quote for something, and upon examination 25% of the quote was for union labour. It was shocking. But that's one of the reasons that we are at this stage now.

The other reason of course is the broken spirit of freedom and liberty and of individual responsibility. Too many generations now have been all too happy to look at the nanny state as their Big Sugar Daddy. The one who flashes a wad of cash, and promises always to be there for you. They are the Generation of Julia, the single mothers, the fatherless children, the welfare dependent masses, the millions of Americans who have concluded that hard work just doesn't pay.

I felt when visiting Detroit that it was pretty much irredeemable. The amount of money that would be required to "fix" things there would not be worth it. And money can only fix structures anyway, but not heal souls.

Perhaps it is darkest before the dawn. One can hope this is the case in Detroit.

There are hopeful signs: Michigan will now be a "Right to Work' state.