Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Spain: A Tepid "Welcome Back" for Spanish Jews

This kind of reminds me of those sort of awkward times when you run into somebody that you were sort of friends with and they say HEY WE SHOULD HAVE LUNCH. And then you say OH YEAH WE SHOULD REALLY HAVE LUNCH, but neither of you really thinks that would necessarily be a fabulous idea-but it's sort of a societal convention that is better than saying "hey-see ya never", or "OK, I'll be at your funeral".

Actually, on second thought, it's more like when you are in the Middle East and there is this fake, gushing hospitality honour/shame thing where people insist that you should come over, but what they really mean is PLEASE DON'T COME OVER.

So, here we have Spain saying "hey, welcome back, Jews", but what they really mean is PLEASE JUST STAY AWAY, THANKYOUVERYMUCH.