Thursday, December 13, 2012

Most Outstanding Read of the Day

From David  Goldstein at Tablet Magazine.

This is a spectacularly beautiful personal essay that really resonated with me personally.

Please read the whole thing-it's sad, but beautiful and inspiring.

Thank you, David Goldstein for sharing your memories with us and may your grandfather's memory be a blessing to you and your family.

"After the war Papa owned a supermarket in the Bronx, which he sold around the time I was born. Without the store to occupy his time, he was perpetually restless. There was an unmistakable sadness to him, his cheeks lean and hollowed, his icy blue eyes a shade too big for his face. Whenever he visited, he’d take me onto his lap, kiss the top of my head, and tell me that I was his lawyer. It was a joke I didn’t understand then, and it makes little sense to me now. He was gentle and sweet, and I was his lawyer. Then he disappeared. I’ve been searching for him for 30 years now."