Friday, December 28, 2012

Missing the Point on Murder in Chicago

The 500th murder of the year in Chicago means that murder is big business in Chicago. 

It means that life is pretty cheap there, and that not many people care about how cheap life is there.

The lack of coverage of the individual victims means that their lives are simply valued less than other lives in America.

It means that "gun control" is an Orwellian fantasy that liberals are willing to believe in as long as it doesn't affect their lilly white children in private schools, in the Upper West Side and in other high-priced non-diverse neighbourhoods in America.

It means that the fact that there have been 500 murders doesn't matter to anyone, it is a nuisance fact that interferes with the liberal myth that it is the weapon-and not the evil, wicked criminal that is the problem.

If only we could ban stupidity in policy-making.

If only we could legislate extreme leftists to live among their beloved criminals in Chicago's South Side and other enclaves of violence.

They have the luxury of living in the 'do as I say, not as I do' tradition and that won't change. Money acts as a cultural and political layer of insulation in America that drowns out the screams of black victims of black violence.