Sunday, December 16, 2012

Those Who Believe In Soulmates.....

Are more likely to end up being divorced, according to a study quoted by Dr. Helen.

I think that a lot of people get divorced because they can't put aside the really irritating, small things that will NEVER, EVER change between married people. In my experience, you can ask for or even beg for minor behaviour adjustments from your partner that can often be "won", but that's about it. By that I mean-toilet seat up or down, just being polite and smiling at various family activities with the outlaws, etc..By that I mean that it's just not possible or realistic or healthy to expect/demand major personality overhauls.

I never got the whole "soulmate" gushy idea and I certainly don't think the "he/she's my lover and MY BEST FRIEND" thing is healthy either. To that I say: YUCK.

People need chemistry, a pretty similar view on G-d, religion and on raising children. A lot of other cursory things just meld together as you live longer with each other. That's my experience anyway.

So many young women get fed a steady princess diet, and that everything leads up to their fairy tale, poofy dress, bridezilla wedding and then BOOM. The wedding is over and it goes downhill from there. And that's a real shame.

Marriage is not for weaklings. It's hard work, with many, many joys.

As democracy is the worst system of governance except for anything else, so it marriage the worst way for men and women to live except for anything else.