Thursday, December 13, 2012

By Their Words You Shall Know Them

Here's an interesting find from Kathy, that all relates to Justin Trudeau heading toward a Hamas-friendly gathering here in Canada.

I read both the articles that Kathy posted.

This one really had some chilling rhetoric.

I found these points revealing. 

"They ought to show respect to Muslims who deserve to be treated with respect like everyone else. Muslims are mature enough to choose what conference to attend and they don't need bullies to dictate what to do and which speaker to listen to."

"Shame on these bullies for trying to spread intolerance and confusion out of hate and animosity towards the peaceful and law abiding community.They take advantage of every opportunity they can find to create panic in the society as if Muslims are coming to take over the land, slit the throats of babies and force their beliefs on everyone."

Of all the choices of words, in the entire world-why on earth would anyone trying to make a case that they are not belligerent, not wanting to 'take over the land' and not slit the throats of babies', and not 'force their beliefs on everyone' use those words exactly?

Just as a reminder:

A baby whose throat was slit by Muslims, who want to take over the land of Israel. 

3-month-old victim - Hadas

Or more recently in France.