Thursday, December 27, 2012

"Miracle" Drugs

All my kids are vaccinated-up to date. I am not a crazy anti-vaccine person.

However, I view this acne drug with deep suspicion. I think that people in general, underestimate the affect that allegedly innocuous drugs of all kinds have on their brains.

NEVERMIND the drugs that are supposed to affect your brain (see the boys on fat doses of ADHD drugs, their brains are fried, total mush), and I include prescription drugs and recreational ones ESPECIALLY pot in that category.

In fact, most people I know who use pot have a very, very chippy side.

They are pretty pissy and angry when they are not stoned. They get even more angry and chippy when you try to tell them that they are addicted, or that pot is (in many cases) worse for your brain than the occasional indulgence in alcohol.