Monday, December 24, 2012

Gotta Love New York

Had a nice drive through the mountains and am once again, loving New York City. What a town.  I'm still in love with America.

One the way here, we saw a lot of beat up Volvos with tons of lefty bumper stickers-I think covering your car in stickers is a clear sign of mental illness. Tattoos are the human equivalent.

Anyway the prize for weirdest ensemble goes to the elderly woman who had alien and zombie stickers on the back of her car with "I Believe" stickers prominently posted beside the alien heads.


We laughed our heads off.

Since being in New York City, we have socialized with the Statue of Liberty, Elmo (kept him FAR AWAY FROM THE BOYS), Cookie Monster and family.

Kosher eats here are totally yum.

I love America, but THIS IS RIDICULOUS. 

The City of Philadelphia ought to have better things to do with taxpayer dollars! Gah!

More later.