Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Great Transference

A very well-phrased piece from The American Thinker. 

“One of the fundamental problems of the welfare state, and one that has long been understood as among the most morally and culturally deleterious of its social effects and costs, is the great transference of the consciousness of and responsibility for the care for the poor and needy among us from individuals and local communities to distant, impersonal bureaucratic institutions associated with the state, and especially with the central, federal government.”

“This has had a number of negative effects upon the culture and upon several generations of Americans who have grown up believing that it is not primarily the individual, out of his own heart and personal compassion who is to give alms, but Caesar and his vast concourses of bureaucrats, case workers, social workers, and experts in the nature of the human condition working tirelessly for "social justice."

“The welfare state has transferred to the daycare center state -- whose welfare agencies owe their existence, funding, and political influence to the existence of the poor -- the responsibilities of good Samaritanship once centered in the individual and the local community, where poverty and the unique conditions surrounding it actually impact human lives. The psychological and moral consequences of this great transference have been profound.”
Read the whole thing.