Tuesday, June 10, 2014

EU Commission Official to Rabbi: ""STOP f***ing writing me about your Zionist bullshit,"


"STOP f***ing writing me about your Zionist bullshit," wrote Mattia Zilli, a project officer at the EC's Research Executive Agency, in an email to Rabbi Ari Enkin of the Beit Shemesh-based United with Israel organization after receiving an online newsletter he's been subscribed to since 2011.

"In response to queries from the UWI and The Jerusalem Post, Zilli wrote that his email was written out of frustration over attempts to unsubscribe to the newsletter."

"My irritating tone in my emails was never intended against Israel, against any religion, or culture but merely against this constant receiving of emails in my professional inbox," he wrote.

"I was talking for myself and not in the name of the European Commission, the European Union or anyone else."

Via Atara Beck.