Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The "French" Jihad: Jewish Boy Tasered in Paris

At least the leaders of the French Jewish community publicly identify the problem: 

“Anti-Semitic incidents are an almost daily occurrence in France,” BNVCA President Sammy Ghozlan told JTA."

“They are becoming more frequent and whereas the targets used to be synagogues, now there are more physical assaults on people: Young religious Jews.”
 "While far-right nationalists like Jean-Marie Le Pen “certainly produce anti-Semitic hate speech, the vast majority of physical attacks are committed by Muslims,” Ghozlan said."
Pay very close attention to what he is saying. 

The Muslims have successfully tested the waters on physical structures, foundational structures of thew Jewish community. 

Seeing that nobody paid any mind to these attacks, or cared a whit-the attacks could then seamlessly start on humans-real live Jews. 

And, as always-there is a special, intrinsic barbarity for their propensity in targeting our young. 

French Jews need to read the writing on the wall, like our ancestor Daniel the Prophet and get out of France while they still can.