Monday, June 2, 2014

Excellent: Mizrahi Nation in Israel

This is a great read!

Mosaic has some fantastic stuff.

I'm Ashkenazi ("American" for Israelis even though I am Canadian) of Polish descent.

My husband is an Iranian Jew ("Mizrachi, "eastern") or commonly grouped as Sephardic (even though Sepharad is really Spain...blah blah long story).

Our kids are "Ashkefardi" I guess. A mix!

This article is a really good summary about the mixing of various Jewish cultures in Israel.

I like a lot of Mizrachi music but I can't listen to it for too long, I'm too Ashkenazi American Canadian Polish.

But it's very festive, and heartfelt and of course the singers are gorgeous and their voices are beautiful. Plus they have this incredible vibrato and can hit all these crazy eastern quarter tones. In Hebrew they call it 'salsalaot', which is basically somersaults.

My kids and husband love Dudu Aharon.

I think Moshe Peretz is ADORBS and he is so talented.

Did I mention also that he is adorable? This is him with Agam Buhbut, an incredible young singer who was a singer in a reality show/singing school and competition in Israel. She's a lovely young girl.

OK one more Moshe Peretz because he is too cute for words. This one is called "Esh", fire!