Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Great Guilio Meotti: Muslims Love Death, Europe Is Tired of Living

And...they both hate Israel. 

A solid dose of realism from my favourite living Italian.

He explains the "white plague":

"If southern Europe has the worst fertility rates, the north holds the record for euthanasia. In Belgium, already the leading European country for suicide rates, cases of euthanasia have increased by over 700 per cent in the last ten years. These are the impressive numbers published by the Belgian newspaper le Soir."

"The demographic statistics of Italy and those of euthanasia in Belgium are united by the mystery of two of the richest and peaceful postwar democracies who have chosen self liquidation. In the XIV century, an epidemic wiped out 80 percent of the population of Italy and Belgium. In the XXI century, Italians and Belgians are dying out by choice."

"Muslims and Europe both hate Israel because it is a society living in great intimacy with death, still sacrificing its sons in order to fight for the future, but a country with a rising birthrate and suffused with a great love for life."