Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Friend Makes Call To Action for Jailed Marine, And Sister Makes Plea For Jailed Brother

So, President Obama can get a stinker traitor out of the hands of the Taliban, by-as Mark Steyn put it this morning on the Oakley show "replenishing the enemy while the war is on" (and noted that no other American president has ever done such as thing), but they cannot get one Marine out of jail in Mexico for making a simple mistake?

He made a traffic mistake. For that, he is rotting in jail. He served his country and now rots in a putrid Mexican jail for making a wrong turn.

You know, Mexico is very dependent on America and Canada, economically, and of course since probably half their population has emptied into America over the past few decades.

This shows not just the fecklessness of the Obama regime, but also it's wickedness and utter impotence.

Take a look at this clip and my American readers-please do something, a call, an e-mail, a phone call. 

(Side note-OMG this group of guys is gorgeous. Seriously, hubba hubba! But that is TOTALLY, and COMPLETELY inappropriate and cougary, and really not related to the topic at hand. Did I mention that they are gorgeous and built like brick sh&t houses? Sorry IS IT HOT IN HERE?!??!?!)

Right-back to business.

Politicians respond to public pressure. Why? Not necessarily because it's the right thing to do, but because it is in their self-interest to remain your elected leader.

Remind them that incumbents are often TOAST, as we just saw with Eric Cantor.

Please read this Corner post at NRO from Jay Nordlinger. 

"A Sister Writes In"

It's about the sister of imprisoned Jewish American Alan Gross-an aid worker who has been stuck in a Cuban jail for years.

His sister writes-why would you encourage tourism to Cuba?

You know-given how inept and disgusting President Obama is, perhaps it might be better for Stephen Harper or Jason Kenny to put in a good word with the Mexicans and the Cubans. Hell, if I were an American relative of these guys I would ask Putin to do it-even that would be more effective than expecting President Obama to lift a manicured finger do to anything for these fellow Americans.

Let's review: 

Traitor and Taliban collaborator brought home replete with wacky Allahu Akbar Rose Garden ceremony.

Marine and Jewish American aid worker rotting in jail.