Monday, June 2, 2014

Steyn: Frenchmen Gone Wild

Quelle surprise it was to hear about a "lone" wolf "Frenchman" being arrested for a murderous, bloody attack on a Jewish target in Belgium. 

Where are all the "safe space" p&ssies now?

And the Jewish liberals?


So they are evil and complicit.

Completely related:

Steyn has discussed the case of Meriam Ibrahim. A local paper has also noted the following:

"The only reason why her evil family were able to get her arrested and shoved on to Death Row was because of the sclerotic incompetent US immigration bureaucracy. That's why this is not a foreign news story, but an American one. As The Union Leader concludes:
New Hampshire's congressional delegation has called for Ibrahim's release. But the President has done little... Gov. Maggie Hassan has said nothing.
The wife of one of our own sits in a Khartoum prison, shackled to the ground, her two tiny children in prison with her because the Sudanese government considers them Muslims too, and most of us shrug and assume someone else will handle it. But what if no one else does? What if her life is really in our hands — the hands of the sovereign people of the United States, to whom all elected officials are accountable — and we do nothing to help her? If we do not find it within ourselves to get outraged over this, what kind of people are we?"

"Most of us shrug and assume someone else will handle it, but what if no one else does?"

That is a fair, terrible question. So few people act. Most people just talk.

So few people care about the living Jews in Europe, so few people care about a living Christian woman shackled with her toddler in a jail, having had to give birth in a putrid cell, and now condemned to "live" on Sudanese death row for the 'crime' of being a Christian.

The world, the elites, the left, are quite happy it would seem that it is perfectly reasonable that existing, merely breathing as a Jew or Christian is a crime worthy of death, according to sharia.

So, back to the question:

"What kind of people are we?"

If "we" don't do anything. If "we" keep silent" then we are enablers.

Those who stay silent, those who wait for "someone else" to do "something" - otherwise known as "we"- have blood soaked hands as well.

"We" are those kind of people.