Monday, June 2, 2014

Ack! Mark Steyn Cites Random, Strange Jewish Mother From Canada

To wit:

"Andy Griffiths Goes Full Robocop".

"I write often about the paramilitarization of American law enforcement, while always vaguely assuming it will never get too near my own corner of rural New Hampshire. But who knows? Reid Smith writes today about his particular hometown in Pennsylvania:"

"The SWAT ONE can "carry up to ten people, and has night-vision optics, a gas-injection system and a battering ram. It can withstand hits from a .50-caliber projectile". Why would anyone buy anything so superfluous? Ah, well:
The vehicle, a 2014 Lenco "BearCat" ballistic-engineered, armored-response vehicle, was purchased with Homeland Security grants under FEMA's Urban Area Security Initiative program.
"Oh, right. Maybe the Afghan war only makes sense if you look on it as a dry run for Pennsylvania... As Laura Rosen Cohen says:"
This is not a police force, it's a bloody army and the guns are being turned against you.