Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Some Days Are Full of Heartache

The situation in Ottawa is still fluid.

The situation in Jerusalem has been contained and a baby is dead, many others are injured. The dead, once again, their only crime was being living and breathing Jews in Israel especially, but througout the world-which is punishable only by death according to the death cult.

What we do know in Ottawa is a terrorist murdered a Canadian soldier in cold blood, rest his soul in peace. We know that civilians tried to help him. We know this is the second incident in about 48 hours whereby a Canadian solder was murdered by a terrorist on Canadian soil.

We know that a brave man, the Sargent at Arms shot and killed one terrorist who managed to enter the Canadian parliament building. We know that many brave men and women in uniform ran towards the danger, ran toward the live gun fire.

We know that this might be the first, but not the last attack of this kind.

We know that a family in Jerusalem has had their precious baby murdered and a family in Canada with a brave soldier son is mourning also.

These are, to paraphrase Rumsfeld, some of the known knowns.

Here's what I know.

I know that I will never stop being grateful for being alive and I will hug and protect my children with all my might. I know that I will never let the evil stop me from loving life and loving our way of life. Not ever. I know that if you stop being free, and start being afraid all the time, the evil does win. Evil can't win when you fight back however you can. By speaking your mind, by walking proud, by not being afraid, by fighting back, by raising moral and good children who are equally prepared to fight.

I know that humans are not inherently good. 

Many, and many systems of belief are inherently bad and many are evil.

And those who refuse to identify evil are evil in and of themselves and part of the problem.

So what can you do?

Don't be afraid.

Don't let them live in your head and stop you from living freely.

Those are not small victories, they are big victories and you must celebrate every moment of life and freedom and support those who actually fight with their bodies, and be thankful and grateful for the brave men and women all over the free world, and those in enemy territories who give of themselves, body and soul day in and day out for our freedom and make the ultimate sacrifice for us.

You must continue to revere life, or death and its cultural, religious and political henchmen will snuff yours out with a whimper or a bang and never look back with a second of regret or remorse. 

That is what I know.

That is what you can do.