Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Robert Stacy McCain: The Externalization of Responsibility, Monica Lewinsky's Personal Shame

This is a great essay from McCain. 

I was thinking yesterday that it really is a pity that at the time where she seems to have (finally) gotten her life together, she still is not taking responsibility for the real reasons her life was destroyed: personal choices and the War on Women waged by the Clintons.

Democrat/Liberal/lefty woman-haters and abusers get a pass as long as they spew platitudes about women's rights and vote for the right (i.e LEFT) party.

Instead of blaming "cyberbullying" (how about shutting the damned computer off for a few hours...) it would have been so much more productive to say-hey I made mistakes, but I still have the rest of my life to live.

She clearly looks healthier, but time has, unfortunately not really provided her with much more moral clarity. What a waste of a life.

I think the public could (and should) be forgiving of a young woman who made such dreadful choices under the influence of such a charming, manipulative man who was the President of the United States at the time of their affair. But that really gets tired when the woman is 41, and still hasn't exorcised the ghosts of the past.

Women with far more trying backgrounds (torture, politically, economically, physically) have risen above their challenges and gone on to rich, rewearding and good lives as wives and mothers-yes, less public perhaps but infinitely more rewarding. But again-personal choices...

Pity. A wasted life.