Friday, October 17, 2014

Must Read: England and Shame: The Hamas Vote

Sent to me by an American reader who writes:

"Even though, unlike the author, I'm not English by descent, he captures my own visceral feelings about the past greatness--and the present disgrace. Or is it beneath even disgrace."
"I'm still searching for a word, or words, that explain my own emotions."

England and Shame: The Hamas Vote 

"The recent vote, 274-12 by British MPs to recognize the Hamas regime in Palestine (with 450 or so spineless abstentions, including that of its mega-spineless Prime Minister) is different. It is a cause not only for disgust, but for unutterable shame. The closest I can come to describing it is that it is akin to the feeling that would be aroused if a loved and admired elder relative were to be publicly found out in some appalling crime involving obscenity and treason — for this is treason to everything that is fine and noble in the spirit of England."

"Make no mistake: for at least some of the movers of the resolution it was not about the rights of the Palestinians: it was about Jew-hatred."

I suggest that right-thinking people feel a certain degree of absolute heartache over this move, along with a dark, foreboding gut sense of what is in store for the Western world for the near future. 

Do read the whole thing.