Monday, October 27, 2014

American "Higher Education" Is Finished

Mark Steyn often refers to the "battle" for gender neutral, "trans-safe" bathrooms as the singular make work, decadent, pathetic issue that defines the decline of Western society in a nutshell. Or in a bathroom stall, as it were.

When the prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH speaks about such matters, he knows of what he speaks.

Behold: San Diego State University hold "Sh&t In" to "raise awareness" about the limited number of gender neutral bathrooms on campus. 

Did you hear that sound? 

That is the sound of Western culture and civilization being flushed down the toilet.

I wish I could say I was sh&tting you...

"As students walked through the main thoroughfare at San Diego State University on Tuesday they were greeted by students with their pants down sitting atop a row of toilets."

"Such an appearance in the middle of a college quad is sure to raise questions, and that was the hope of the Transgender Action Advocacy Student Coalition with their “Shit In” protest."

"Five toilets – sometimes adorned with students – set along Campanille Walkway had newspapers with the words “Gender Neutral Bathrooms Now” written in bold letters. Students were encouraged to sit on a toilet and take selfies with the hashtag #SDSUShitIn."

"The protest aimed to raise awareness about what some deem is the limited number of gender neutral bathrooms on campus."

As I have said before, the only place where there should EVER be "gender neutral" bathrooms is in private homes. And as you'll notice, oddly enough, the more money people have the more bathrooms, and the more private bathrooms they invest in!

"I love sharing my bathroom with my [insert person/relationship here] and I would never want my own bathroom," said nobody EVER. 

In a civilized society, there is running water, flushing toilets and there are always sex-separated bathrooms.  The entrance card to a bathroom in a civilized society must be based on one's own personal plumbing, period. Political correctness and pathetic first-world coddling of lavatory neurosis be dammed, I say.  

In closing, here is a helpful guide to bathrooms and who should be using them. 

If you have a (real) penis =>Men's room.
If you have a (real) vagina =>Ladies' room.