Thursday, October 30, 2014

My "Un-Review" of Mark Steyn's [UnDocumented]

Upon serious consideration and contemplation, I decided this morning that I can't really call my thoughts about Mark Steyn's new book a "review". I mean, I have certainly been reviewing every single essay and highlighting many parts, and alternating between laughing and gasping as I flip through the pages ('flip' being entirely figurative because I'm reading it on my phone-way cool) and think about Steyn's prescience on matters of local, national and international importance.

I just can't bring myself to calling my thoughts a 'review' at this point-I mean, who am I to 'review'?

What I can say is that in my view, this book should be considered not just a 'greatest hits' anthology, but a book of political philosophy to actually be seriously studied by anyone with a concern about the future of the Western world.

I said in my Amazon review that it's also a part-blueprint for conservatives and I stand by that.

Actually, I said specifically that it is part self-help, part blueprint, part Conservative Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and that "The [Un]documented Mark Steyn" is a joy to read and a spirited defense of Western culture from the unbeatable, unbowed, and unapologetic Happy Warrior himself.

But moreover, I must stress that Mark Steyn simply has a majestic control of the English language.

His ability to paint and elucidate ideas with words is, I believe, unmatched by any other English language writer alive today.

I have laughed out loud at many points, but more tellingly, I have been moved to tears by several of the essays.

Steyn is a dazzling, and frankly spellbinding weaver of ideas.

While the reader may gasp at the breathtaking way in which his words emote, one never gets the sense of the remarkable effort that inevitably goes into the creation of such 'effortless' prose.

Steyn doesn't just command the English language, he pretty much owns it.

Do buy your own copy, which will not just spread his message and wisdom further afield, but also help him fight yet another round of totalitarianism on all of our behalves.