Friday, October 17, 2014

The UK Is Screwed: New "Cutting" Cases Edition

The first problem is calling it by its quaint little euphemism "cutting". 

It's Female Genital Mutilation, chaps. 

Calling it a 'little nick', ritual circumcision, or a 'cut' indicates that you are part of the cover up and part of the, cowering and supine problem. Words matter and whoever controls the language controls the argument.

"Never before published figures reveal the scale of female genital mutilation in England, with the number of women currently being treated by the NHS approaching 2,000."

This article also quaintly ignores the religion that most often practices 'cutting'.

Typical British cowards.

PS: Dotted lines in North Kensington.

"Of the Londoners known to have been caught up in the Syrian war, it is striking how many hail from the neighbourhoods around Ladbroke Grove and Westbourne Park. One counter-terrorism expert told the Standard earlier this year that he had noticed the clustering in North Kensington, and recent events have confirmed it."

"But no factor that links the names immediately suggests itself. Among them are young men from both Arab and North African families; some are said to come from devout households, others not; a handful attended the same fashionable state school but years before any problems emerged; some of them have been involved in political activism, others not at all."

"If anyone might understand the cluster, though, it is those who run the Al Manaar mosque, formally called the Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre. It was purpose-built for the area’s sizeable Muslim community and opened by Prince Charles in 2001."

One Brit with balls, who happens to be a Jewish lady.

Melanie Phillips on the perfidy of recognizing "Palestine".