Friday, October 24, 2014

OMG: Yummy, Joan Nathan Makes Sephardic, Stuffed, Old Jerusalem Veggies

I am definitely going to make these. I love stuffed veggies. Personally, I think the oven would be easier for me rather than the plate in pot, check liquid, etc...and I would nix the allspice (can't stand allspice or nutmeg-ugh), but the basic idea is awesome.  I might also use corriander on top rather than parsley. But whatever!

What can I say, Sephardic food rules. I am an Ashkenazi with Sephardic food taste...

I made Nathan's Roman Jewish tomatoes over the High Holidays and they were easy and delicious and my youngest said they were the best tomatoes he has ever eaten!

Anyway, this looks fantastic. Great video!